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1. Toward a sustainable value chain

1.16. Print media in everyday life - interview-based study on media use in Finland

Kirsti Arjas-Kauranen, Anu Seisto

The public discourse often promotes the idea that new forms of media will eventually replace older forms of media. What clearly appears to be happening today is that people are becoming more conscious of what is special in different forms of media. It is clear that various media are an essential part of everyday life. They belong to the routines that give the rhythm to the days but they are also used to counter-balance the work and the free time as well as the time the family spends together. According to the interviews those media that dominate time-wise were not the necessarily emotionally the most important ones. The interviews clearly showed the importance of emotional attachment especially to books but in some extent also to other print material. It is possible that the digital natives do not have an equally positive attitude towards the print media as the interviewees in this study. However it is very interesting to see the future influence of observational learning, media education and the home-based appreciation of different media on how today’s children use media as adults.

Keywords: Media use, Print media
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