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Events in 2015

 Helsinki 2015
International iarigai Conference 

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iarigai VIGC, Brussels
Evolutions in food packaging printing


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Advances in Printing and Media Technology

Vol. XLII(II) - Online edition (2015)

ISBN 978-3-9870704-1-9    ISSN 2409-4021 (Online)

  ◊ Contents and preface (free access)

Advances Vol.42 (2015) Helsinki (password protected)

Vol. XLI(I) - Online edition (2014) 

 ◊ Contents and preface (free access)

Advances Vol.41 (2014) Swansea (password protected)

Archive copies (free access)

Advances Vol.40 (2013) Chemnitz

Advances Vol.39 (2012) Ljubljana

Advances Vol.38 (2011) Budapest

Advances Vol.37 (2010) Montreal 

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